What we Offer

Taxation and compliance

Understanding the stipulations of statutory demands and regulatory guidelines in the conduct of business usually requires advice. We provide the attendant advisory services

Training and capacity building

Skills and capacity development is required by every organization in order to cope with the changing times and for succession planning. We take into consideration your training needs to provide the appropriate response.

Business diagnostics

Our Business Diagnostics system is a unique framework that helps solve even the most complex business situations. We are able to offer such a system using the expertise of various fields

Process audit

This is a highly focused inspection of internal systems, processes and its organization. A comparison of past activities against predetermined standards to reveal inefficiencies and improvement areas.


We carry our surveys to reveal trend, preferences and profile aimed at providing information for decision makers.

Financial reporting

This is a bouquet providing budgets, cash flow projection, payroll services and maintenance of books of account and tax advice. This offers a completely outsourced CFO (chief finance officer) where the organization can face core business.


Financial transactions are getting more advanced and complex, thereby making acquisition of evidence for litigation cumbersome. We adopt procedures for obtaining acceptable evidence.

Corporate governance support

We help provide a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.